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The Purpose of Meditation.

Let’s discuss this for a moment since I believe there are many perspectives. For me, the purpose of meditation is to arrive back to the present. Back to conscious action. Towards awareness and consciousness. To be able to see the elephant in the room.

So it makes sense to me that the pathway lies in moving away from the limbic loop of fight & flight and moving towards the higher consciousness of thinking & reasoning that resides in our cerebral cortex. And it is from that space in our frontal lobe that intuition is born.

If that is the pathway and purpose of Meditation, then M Scott Peck provided very powerful tools he called “Emptying” and “Bracketing”.

At the outset is the tool of Bracketing. Here, Scott said that we should bracket away things we have insufficient knowledge or information to form conclusions. And this is so important. In essence, it means we transfer the energy we spend worrying about things we cannot change at that time — and using that energy to solve or understand what is in front of us. But without falling back into fight or flight. And that is no easy task. And so we now enter into…


Higher consciousness, awareness, seeing the elephant in the room can only be achieved if we are able to join the dots. Like the story of the blind man who touched various parts of the elephant and prognosticating different conclusions, the road less traveled too goes down this rabbit warren.

Joining the dots is not easy. When two dots join we can experience creative destruction of a Worldview we once held. What I once described as the “Intelligent Trap” — where we are wont to twist and turn rather than accept a new perspective. And this is where the Emptying part of this Meditation comes in. The dots will resist joining but when it joins we empty ourselves from a delusion. And so the weight gets a little lighter from new understanding.

But there is also a discharge of energy at the same time as new creation — and this can be tiring. So easy does it. Step by step. As new dots join, more dots will join.

However there is another part to this. Joining new dots requires looking at something that was formed by trauma and this is a lot more difficult. This is the “Emotional Trap”. This is much more challenging but if this is not resolved we cannot heal.

There is a lot here to digest so I will stop here. I will give more concrete examples in my next post, The Nusantara Story. Till next time.

Thank you for your time here with me.