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The year was 1997, just after the Asian financial crisis — and I had just descended into a Kafkaesque world of my own — when I discovered the works of M Scott Peck. In them, he described a journey on the road less traveled and he also came up with a concept he called Community Building in Business. I found a strange resonance with his works and so I pored through every book he had written and I got in touch with his organization to look for clues to unravel the Gordian knot I found myself tied up in but I didn’t find the answers I was looking for.

A few short months before, I was flying on top of the world. Expense account, penthouse office, etc. I was the group corporate director of a multinational construction and development company. And then the company crashed from infighting among the Directors. And I found myself facing possible bankruptcy.

What happened? What went wrong? I was reeling.

Over the years I was to see the same mistakes made in many other companies. Years of hard work down the drain in virtually predictable dysfunctional patterns. So many disconnected parts. Deep inside I knew the answer lies somewhere in the business model but I couldn’t see it.

However I gained a lot of insights into thinking skills from Scott who was a psychiatrist, which I subsequently applied to my future businesses. In 2005, I left the business world and moved into the World of chess when my son became the State Champion. There I leant more about thinking but within a competitive environment. Paradoxically I also found the tool of bracketing described by Scott very useful in Chess. With that one tool we made the State Team for 5 consecutive years and the National Team for the next 5. However the use of emptying, another tool described by Scott, escaped me until I began my own road less traveled when I journeyed into the Nusantara journey described below.

In the same year of 2005, I discovered Neale Donald Walsh and his Conversations with God. Again I bought all his books. I found Neale’s perspective as “liberating” as I found the work of Scotty “depressing”. A way to describe it perhaps was Scott was too “real” and Neale subsequently went into areas I found too divorced from “reality”.

And so I left things as it was until someone approached me about an idea which I will relate in an upcoming post, The Nusantara Story… where I began ‘rejoining’ the dots. From this journey I began developing my ideas which I call Meditation in the Eye of the Storm and Thinking and the Road to Life, where I attempt to connect Spirituality, Reality and Business. I now think this is what Scott attempted in his works. That we cannot divorce spirituality from reality. And if we can integrate that into business we can leave the Kafkaesque World and untie that Gordian knot. And the road less traveled is that road where our mind, body and emotions begin reconnecting with our spirit .

Till next time. Namaste.


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