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In Kafka’s book, The Trial, a middle-level bureaucrat is arrested and put on a series of endless trials but the charges are never specified. And he searches for meaning in the endless rooms of accusatory faceless people.

I believe the primary imperative of human evolution is in the search for understanding, for purpose, for the meaning of our existence — but many of us end up in the Kafkaesque world of many rooms with no answers. And this was the world I was cast into back in 1997. What was my crime? What did I do wrong? Why was I being punished for trying to save the company? Having no answers, I retreated into a smaller world, I circled my wagons. And I would have stayed there but for the invitation to start the Nusantara Collection.

In my previous sojourn into the corporate world, I was a cog in the wheel. But this time around I will be building the business from scratch — I would be faced with the questions that founders face — and it will be me this time that has to make the decisions to put the whole together. And my guiding tool would be Meditation in the Eye of the Storm.

And it worked for a while (The Nusantara Story Part 1). Tiny tiny steps. Put together the Team, join the dots, see the elephant in the room. When I got stuck, Prem came (The Nusantara Story Part 2). One of my potential investors even sat down with me and helped me see a part of the model that had evaded both Prem and me. The Gordian knot was unraveling. Finally.

Everything was up and running by June 2018. And then it broke. Back into the Kafkaesque world (The Nusantara story Part 3).

Recap. The journey was supposed to be the attempt to take us out from the Kafkaesque back into sanity, back into understanding and purpose. Where people are valued for their contributions and they are seen and heard.

So far it has become apparent to me that when dots are joined, more dots will join. And with each new understanding, more of that elephant in the room is seen — and this comes with a lessening of anxieties. And if a business model can be found that honors each member in their individual spiritual journey towards meaning and purpose, there will be less alienation & dehumanization… and healing can take place within the realm of business as envisaged by M Scott Peck. And it has also equally become apparent to me that if the business model is toxic it wouldn’t serve either the founders or contributing members of the organization. And that in essence is the journey on the road less traveled.

Somewhere along the journey, The Spiritual Realist in Business forum was born and the pandemic gave me the space to further deepen my understanding of “meditation the the eye of the storm”.

To be continued…


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