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“As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.”  ~ Rumi

If we reflect on this quote:  The Way can only appear if our Walk is one where our awareness continues to grow — our senses continue to come alive as our resistance to change recedes, our damage repaired and our consciousness continues to expand — and we see new interconnections & new pathways with each step as our fractured psyche becomes whole again on the road to finding ourselves

It cannot come any other way.  It cannot come if our walk leads us to more and more damage, fracture & dysfunction, and a smaller & smaller World.  And it cannot come if our energies are drained from resisting integration — This journey is always a personal one and not about fixing the other.  For each human being is a unique entity.  I hope we can agree on this for it will be the premise of the entire blog.

“The Road Less Traveled” by M Scott Peck also led to another book called “Community Building in Business” …where there was an attempt to conflate ‘the road less traveled’ and ‘community building’ around the medium of Business.  Although it wasn’t quite proven, I found the idea intriguing because Business was the last place on the road less traveled I would have searched for Community.  Nevertheless, the idea somehow stuck with me since I first came across it in 1997.

“Walking The Road Less Traveled” blog explores the ideation behind M Scott Peck’s work and “Community Building in Business”.  It documents the journey in The Nusantara Story …and also asks if the Way described by both Scott and Rumi lies on the same road.

When I was invited to participate in building Nusantara Collection in 2016, I decided to test a few ideas and partnered with to build value around this project.  However, this journey has taken many unexpected turns.

This blog will document my journey as I first stepped on the road less traveled and as I continue the walk… step by step.

NB:  The Walk and the Way is always a personal journey.  So please view my reflections only as a guide, if you find it useful.  Your own journey will reveal itself to you in your own walk.  It will not be the same as mine.  But insofar as our journey coincides on a particular section of the road… I invite you to walk with me in Community.

I invite you to join my Facebook group called The Spiritual Realist in Business where we can have a conversation if you have any questions to direct to me.