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This blog documents my personal journey on the road less travelled. My struggles to find my True North… and then to stay on the path to what I believe will lead to my personal freedom in The Nusantara Story, an evolving story of unity in diversity.

Side note: This blog does not have a comments section. If you find any resonance with this particular journey I would like to invite you to join us on our forum, The Spiritual Realist in Business.





The Nusantara Story (Part 4) – The Trial

By meditation in the eye of the storm, nusantara story

In Kafka’s book, The Trial, a middle-level bureaucrat is arrested and put on a series of endless trials but the charges are never specified. And he searches for meaning in the endless rooms of accusatory faceless people. I believe the primary imperative of human evolution is in the search for understanding, for purpose, for the meaning of our existence —…

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The Nusantara Story (Part 1) – Journey into Serendipity and Synchronicity

By business models, community building in business, nusantara story

Nusantara is a region enriched from centuries of practising a unique philosophy described as ‘syncretic’ in her global marriage and subsequently bears this in her embrace of life. This story started from an exchange at an international chess tournament. I can’t remember how the conversation got going but the idea revolved around how to save the dying artisanal craft in…

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On the Road Less Traveled

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The year was 1997, just after the Asian financial crisis — and I had just descended into a Kafkaesque world of my own — when I discovered the works of M Scott Peck. In them, he described a journey on the road less traveled and he also came up with a concept he called Community Building in Business. I found…

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